About Me

Hi, I’m Maria! Welcome to my recipe blog where I share easy-to-make weeknight dinners and other recipes using simple ingredients!

I have made and tested all of the recipes presented on this site personally.

I also personally do all of the writing and the original photography for Tooophealth.net. My recipes are everyday, familiar foods, cooked from scratch. I hope you enjoy them and let me know your feedback in the comments!

My food blog where I regularly share easy-to-make recipes, as well as an occasional dessert.

My passion #1 is cooking, so this website is the collection of the recipes I’ve made for myself, my family, and my friends.   I personally make and test all the recipes presented on this website, I do all the writing and all of the original photography for my website, Tooophealth.net.

My #2 passion is traveling, and you will find quite a few posts under the Travel section of this website.  My travel-related posts are all created (written) by me, and I do all of the original travel photography for my website, Tooophealth.net.

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