11 Ways To Keep Your Itchy Vagina Happy And Healthy

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Maybe you are thinking that you know everything about keeping your lady parts in a very good shape, but maybe you are wrong. Since douching to ditching your annual exam, there are many common misconceptions about what you should do in order to maintain a healthy, non Itchy vagina, so please let us enlighten you:

Use Condoms To Avoid Itchy Vagina

The rubbers are great in protecting against STDs and unwanted pregnancy, but there was one research that has found that using condoms helps in keeping your vagina’s pH level at a normal level, so good bacteria, like lactobacilli can survive in there and avoid itchy vagina. Plus, this is also essential since yeast infections can be prevented by little bacteria, as well as bacterial vaginosis and UTI’s. Just if you need another reason to wrap things up.