Ten Signs That Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen, Which Can Lead To Weight Gain You Have To Know!

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The human body is truly amazing. I mean, think of the absolutely intricate mechanisms that happen inside it. Right from the cells getting regenerated on a regular basis, to the perfectly coordinated functions – the entire body is nothing short of a magical work of some really talented wizard lord, or so it seems!

But jokes apart, it is truly very, very intriguing when you come to think of it. I mean, how is it possible for everything to be so much in sync, and so perfectly too? One hormone is let loose and you have it affecting the smooth flow of so many things that your body does! I mean, we all tend to take out bodies for granted till we are denied use of a part. Only then do we realize how precious that part is. Ever broken a limb or sprained an ankle? You’ll know exactly what we mean.