Here Are 5 Types Of Vaginal Bumps That Every Woman Must Be Aware Of Before It’s Too Late!!!

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There is so much to know about the vagina. We’ve already told you about things a woman should never do to her vagina and also how every man must know some things about the female organ. This time however we will tell you something about vaginal bumps. Women have to take lot of efforts to make sure the vagina is healthy and hygienic. Waxing, shaving, cleansing with powders or liquids – all this is the usual routine of keeping the personal area clean and healthy. However there is a downside to this and that is all this may lead to irritation or rashes. Sometimes it also leads to vaginal itching. If you have noticed some weird looking bumps on your vagina and you have been wondering what it is, we are here to clear your confusion. We will tell you the 5 different types of vaginal bumps and what they most likely can be.

A small boil-like thing near the vaginal opening