The No Squats Belly, Butt, and Thighs Workout !!

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The most current approach to take care of business your gut, butt, and thighs without focusing on your joints: Flip your exercise topsy turvy! These five moves utilize one bit of gear you’re certain to have in your home—a divider! Play out the accompanying routine shoeless 4 or 5 times each week. Complete 10 moderate, controlled reps of each move.
For quicker outcomes, complete 2 sets of each activity and include no less than 30 minutes of cardio most days of the week.
Lie on your back with your knock into the divider and arms at your sides. Twist your knees and plant your feet 3 to 4 feet up the divider. Raise your lower and center back off floor, keeping your shoulder bones on the ground. Hold for a profound breathe in, at that point breathe out and gradually come back to the beginning position.