Water and Walking Challenge

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This water and walking challenge has proved to be incredibly popular here in the blog. These are two fantastic ways to improve your overall health. In my opinion, it’s one of the best ways to improve your health and kickstart your weight loss.

If you’re already walking regularly and drinking lots of water, then this challenge is probably not for you, although you can simply add to your existing routine.

When I first completed this challenge, I wasn’t walking very much at all and I regularly went until mid-afternoon without drinking anything but my morning cup of tea. I can tell you this is now a good idea for anyone.

We’re going to build up our walking time and the amount of water we drink gradually over the 30-days.  We’ll stick with each goal for 10 days then increase the levels.

As with all of our challenges, they’re designed to fit into our day to day life as much as possible.