The Many Uses for Vinegar – From Vaginal tightening to Weight Loss

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Yes you did read that title correctly! I’ve been reading up on the many uses for vinegar and while I have been using vinegar for many years for loads of different things it is only during my research for this post that I came across using vinegar to tighten your vagina!

Yes, I know… OMG! It brings to mind a very funny conversation I had with a close friend and her sister a few years back. She says she has a “crooked smile”. Yes I’m going to tag you in this, I never forget… bet you weren’t expecting me to become a mommy blogger right?

Anyway back to the vinegar…

Vinegar is natural and safe for you, for your children and your pets. It is incredibly versatile. Since it is incredibly acidic with a PH of about 2.4 it is an antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial. This means it kills germs, lots of the bacteria that causes illness, microbes and other microscopic organisms. It is also able to kill mold.