If You See These Symptoms, Do An HIV Test Immediately

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HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, a syndrome that affects the immune system making it so weak that a person who has this disease can die even from the simple flu.

HIV is transmitted during sexual contact because it can be found in vaginal fluids, it is present in breast milk and can also be transmitted from blood to blood. We are going to explain the most common symptoms that could indicate you are HIV positive.

Sore throat
The usual response of a viral infection is a sore throat. This is also the case with HIV which affects the immune system of the person. You should consult a doctor to determine what could be the reason for this symptom.

Weight loss
Weight loss is an inevitable part of the disease once it starts to progress. Symptoms that occur before weight loss include diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

HIV positive patients have common headaches which are often unbearable and can last for 15 days or more. If you have this type of headache you should test to determine whether you are HIV positive.