Here are 12 signs that your body is crying for help

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1.Irregular Bowel Movements

Usually, irregular bowel moments happen due stomach infection. However, this is also a sign of help. For more than three days, if you constantly have irregular bowel moments then visit a doctor. This might happen due to oily foods or extra medication. Certain prescriptions can end in diarrhea. Drink plenty of water in your diet and some helpful food like broccoli, prebiotics, probiotics, and almonds.

2.Purple knuckles

If you find your knuckles swollen and purplish without any cause, then immediately consult and doctor. This can be related to internal cancer in the body.


 3.Leg cramps

The main reason for Leg cramps is inadequate blood supply from narrow arteries. Another reason for leg cramps might be excessive long walks. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and potassium-rich food like banana.


If you are getting an adequate amount of sleep and still feel tired then it is time to go to a doctor. It could happen due to imbalance hormones, lack of nutrients and can be an illness. Make a chart of proper diet with healthy amount of exercise.