5 Easy and Effective Ways to Expel Annoying Vaginal Odors

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Every woman has a distinctive vaginal odor and is different from other women. However, basically the vagina is said to be normal and healthy if it smells rather acidic like vinegar but does not sting. So, how to get rid of unpleasant vaginal odor?

How to get rid of vaginal odor
Here are various ways you can try to get rid of unpleasant vaginal odor:

1. Maintain cleanliness of the vagina
Maintaining vaginal hygiene is the key to reducing unpleasant odors. Especially if you have just done an activity that makes the body sweat.

However, do not carelessly how to clean it. Rinse the vagina with warm water and wipe from front to back. This aims to prevent dirt and bacteria from surrounding the anus from moving to the vaginal area.

Cleaning the vagina is actually not necessary to use scented betel soap or douching tools. These two cleansing soaps are not a good way to get rid of vaginal odor.

Using soap that is hard will actually change the pH balance and good bacteria in the vagina. When there are more bad bacteria, the vagina can give off a bad odor.