5 Best Home Remedies for Dried Vaginal

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A lot of women undergo the problem of vaginal dryness, at some or the other point of time. This is a general problem among the women of every age, but mostly occurs at the period of menopause or after menopause, especially between the ages of 40 to 60. It can even occur after pregnancy when women are on hormone replacement therapy. It is important to know what the other causes of vaginal dryness are. Even stress and anxiety are also one of the reasons of this problem. The lack of lubrication in the vaginal area leads to several problems, like a burning sensation, itching, painful sexual intercourse, and even high frequency of urination. There are certain natural home remedies which work well in order to treat vaginal dryness. So, before consulting your gynaecologist, you can try some natural treatments to alleviate this problem at home.