Polymenorrhea: What is it? | Short Menstrual Cycle

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Polymenorrhea is the medical term to describe a menstrual cycle shorter than 21 days. It’s less commonly known as Polymenia.

Usually for an adult woman, a normal menstrual cycle is between 24 and 38 days long. Occasionally, a day or two outside thing range may occur and it’s nothing to worry about. However, if your regular cycle is, then check in with your family physician.

Polymenorrhea is just one form of abnormal uterine bleeding. This is defined as bleeding from the uterus that is abnormal in volume, frequency, regularity or duration.

Having shorter menstruation cycles can be normal for some women. However, for others, it can be caused by certain medical conditions. And since ovulation can occur sooner than expected or during a period, this disorder can also affect fertility.

Those with polymenorrhea may find their periods are unpredictable or irregular.