Brown Clumpy Discharge and Itching: What is it? | Yeast Infection

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Read more for all the details and information you need to know, but the most common reason that you may have brown, clumpy discharge and itching is that it’s at the end of your menstrual cycle, and you also have a yeast infection.

Introduction to Brown Clumpy Discharge and Itching

Okay, so you have some brown, clumpy discharge going on, and it’s also itchy or burning? This can be a little bit distressing and perhaps even make you feel like never leaving your house!

However, vaginal discharge happens to most women throughout their life, and it’s even quite normal to experience it on a monthly various at various times during your menstrual cycle.

That said, if your vaginal discharge is clumpy and accompanied by itching, this is not normal and should be checked out by a doctor! You should also seek medical advice if your vaginal discharge is NOT clear and watery or white.