Best Kept Secrets to Good Feminine Hygiene!

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The smell of your v&gin& shall never be a punch line for a horrible joke. But, most of the women have to deal with the v&gin&l odor at least once or twice in their whole lifetime. It is not false that every woman has a different scent and may be affected by various factors, including menstruation, infection and se&ual activity. The normal and healthy v&gin& shall not have any kind of odor. These are the things you need to do to make sure you smell fresh and stay clean down there:

Washing and Showering Tips

You should know about the proper ways to care for your v&gin& when you are in the bathroom:

1.    It depends on your routine of every day, but you may need to shower daily, especially when you notice a smelly v&gin&.

2.    After you have ended a workout session, make sure that you shower, in order to remove the sweat from the body, including the v&gin&.

3.    Do not mask the smell by using fragrant soap. If it is possible use only natural soaps, because the soaps most people use today have chemicals that can upset the natural balance of the v&gin& and might cause irritation.

4.    Clean only the outer part of the v&gin& because this can worsen the problem.

5.    Do not douche, unless your doctor tells you so.