8 Signs of Protein Deficiency

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There are various of symptoms which indicate that we are not eating enough proteins. Some of them are:

1. Muscle and joint pain

Muscle weakness or pain may be a sign that your muscles or joint fluid is breaking down to supplement calories instead of using the protein we eat to build muscles and cells.

2. You are feeling more anxious and moody

Proteins help our brain to synthesize hormones such as dopamine and serotonin which regulates our mood. These hormones improve our mood and make us feel happy.

3. The hair is thinning

Our hair is made up mostly of proteins. When we don’t eat then enough we will notice how our hair starts thinning.

4. Our nails and skin are weak

Deficiency of proteins leads to weak skin and nail. In some cases it can also cause rashes on the skin.

5.Swollen legs

When your body needs more protein you may be prone to fluid retention. You will notice swollen legs and feet. Proteins help hold salt and water in blood vessels, when there are not enough proteins these fluids can seep into surrounding tissues.