5 Easy Ways of How to Lose Weight from Face

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To shed some weight, it does not necessarily mean you have to reduce your overall body mass. An alternate way to reduce your body weight while simultaneously looking slimmer is to cut off some weight from your face. Therefore, here are some tips on how to lose weight from your face.

Study shows that doing some facial exercise regularly is capable of slowing down the aging process of your facial features as well as tightening the muscles in your face, which in turn, reducing the number of wrinkles in your face.

There are various steps in doing these facial exercises, first is by mimicking the notion of blowing balloons by puffing up your cheeks and then deflating them to revert back into their normal condition.

Another type of facial exercise is by converting the shape of your face into a form called as smiling fish—that is sucking up your cheeks inside to your mouth, making your face resembling the facial structure of a fish. Let loose and then proceed with smiling wide that shows your whole teeth.