Protect Your Kidney Health… Avoid These 5 Foods

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Your kidneys are important organs, performing many crucial functions in your body… including filtering your blood, removing waste through your urine, balancing minerals, maintaining fluid balance and producing hormones.

Needless to say, if your kidneys aren’t functioning properly it wreaks havoc in your body. Among other things it can cause fluid to build up in the body and lead to an accumulation of waste in your blood.

However, by avoiding (or at least limiting) certain foods in your diet you may help decrease this accumulation of waste products in your blood as well as improving your kidney function and preventing further damage.

5 foods to avoid for healthier kidneys

These five foods are full of ingredients, additives and chemicals that have been shown to cause problems to your kidneys and your overall health. If you want to protect your kidney health… keep these five supermarket staples out of your shopping cart!