How to get rid of vaginal odor naturally

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One of the problems commonly encountered by a woman is the vagina that emits an unpleasant aroma. This makes many women wonder how to get rid of odor in the vagina.

Keep in mind, odor in the vagina sometimes still appears even though it has often been cleaned. Usually the smelly vagina is caused by a combination of vaginal secretions, apocrine, accrine sweat, and external factors such as urine or feces.

How to remove odors in the vagina is appropriate to know, given the cleanliness and condition of a healthy and fragrant vagina also determines satisfaction during sexual intercourse.

At present, many special soap products for women can be used as a way to eliminate odors in miss v. However, you should also know first why the vagina can smell unpleasant before determining how to get rid of vaginal odor.

First, the vagina can smell strong because of consumption of certain foods. Consumption of foods with a pungent odor such as garlic can make urine excretion to smell and it will cause some further effects, namely the vagina becomes smelly.

In addition, the pungent odor in the vagina can also be caused by infection or venereal disease such as excessive vaginal discharge. In fact, underwear material that does not absorb sweat well and the use of excessive cleansing soap can also trigger the appearance of odors in the vagina.

List of Ways to Get Rid of Stinging Vaginal Smell

Although the risk of vaginal odor can be experienced by every woman, from now on you do not worry too much, because there are many ways to eliminate natural vaginal odor that can be done easily.

Here are some ways to get rid of miss v which you should know, including:

1. Eliminating the smell of Miss V with basil leaves

The first way to get rid of odor in the vagina is to use basil leaves. Basil leaves contain euganol which can kill germs and fungi that cause odor in the vagina.

In addition, the content of essential oils in basil is also able to scent the vagina. However, you should not use basil leaves like soap which is immediately rinsed in the vagina because it can make the vagina dry.

In order to get optimal results, basil leaves can be eaten directly or processed into drinks. As a treatment, the water from the collision of basil leaves can be consumed every day. After seeing positive results, you can consume basil juice every two weeks.

How to get rid of vaginal odor by using basil can be a powerful way for Miss V to be fragrant. However, basil is not recommended for gout sufferers because it can worsen the disease.