8 Daily Rituals That Are Harmful For Women In The Long Run

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Women have a daily routine of grooming and cleaning up, and most of them swear by it. These daily rituals, from brushing, shampooing, exfoliating, to wearing a sunscreen come naturally to them. And why not, they have been doing it since their adolescence. Habits that were formed years ago, and habits that are considered sacrosanct. Some of these daily rituals that we have been following unknowingly can cause us harm in the long term. There are some inherent medical dangers to some extremely common daily rituals that women practice.

Today we list eight daily rituals that can damage a woman’s health in the long run. You need to get rid of these habits to avoid unnecessary medical complications later in life.

1. Washing your vagina with soap

There is little doubt that hygiene is paramount, and every woman wants to keep her lady bits clean. But soaping your vagina may not be the ideal thing to do. Simply washing with water or douching is enough. The chemical in the soap if it enters the vulva can upset its natural pH balance and make it unnecessarily dry and itchy. Girls, you should know that vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism which it does by producing a white mucus to prevent growth of microbes.

2. Wearing the same sanitary napkin through the day

Experts advise it is imperative during your menses to change your sanitary napkin every five hours. This is to prevent any infection or growth of organisms in the already used napkin. Even when your period is waning, you shouldn’t spend the whole day in a single tampon. This can lead to vaginal infection and redness. Change about twice to thrice in such a case, always have a clean pad on.

3. You wash your bra once a week

You are very lax when it comes to washing your bra, and this somehow doesn’t end up becoming a daily ritual. Experts believe that a bra should be washed at best after three uses. Prolonged use can make it smell and stretch the cup fabric, making them loose and ill-fitting very soon. Let your bra not lose their shape.

4. You wear black bras in summer

Keep the floral-printed, coloured and white bras for the hot season. The simply reason being a black bra will make you feel more hot than a light-coloured one.

5. You wear your bra while sleeping