7 Signs of cervical cancer that need to be watched out, girls must read

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Because cervical cancer usually affects older women, around 35 to 45 years.

According to the American Cancer Society, cervical cancer is one of the rare diseases that can affect more than 13,000 women each year. This cancer is caused by abnormal cells that develop rapidly in the cervix. Indeed, initially the cells were not detected dangerous, but if they were not handled further and underestimated, these cells could develop to become more malignant and eventually lead to cancer.

Generally, cervical cancer affects older women, around 35 to 45 years. In fact, this disease is considered the main cause of most deaths that occur among women, both in America and in Indonesia. But you don’t feel worried first. Because cervical cancer can now be overcome or prevented by pap smears and HPV vaccine injections.

In addition, you also have to adopt a healthy lifestyle such as diligently exercising and being balanced by eating nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits. Surely you don’t want it, does it happen to yourself or even your close relatives?

Come on, find out what are the signs, which happens if someone has cervical cancer, as summarized brilio.net information from various sources on Sunday (2/12).

1. The vagina bleeds with unusual volume.

Quoted from research from Healthline, one of the markers of someone suffering from cervical cancer is vaginal discharge that is unusual and more numerous.

It can usually occur when a woman is having a menstrual period, or after having sex. But bleeding can also occur in women who have experienced menopause.

2. Having abnormal vaginal discharge.

Normally vaginal discharge occurs before and after menstruation. Different when it happens continuously and is brown or accompanied by blood. One of the symptoms of cervical cancer can be indicated.

3. Often feels pain when having sex.

According to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America study, when someone is uncomfortable and feels sick when having sex, it can be said that he has the potential to suffer from cervical cancer or a tumor.