44 Secret Gross Things That All Girls Do But Don’t Talk About

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Inhabiting a woman’s body may have several more challenges, such as extra care so that weight or skin is maintained. However, despite all the facts, there may be some things you don’t know about your body.

Here are 44 Dirty Things Not Known to All Girls:

1) Wearing the same br* for at least a week.

2) Wearing that one br* about once every six weeks because it’s the only one that works with a certa*n top, and never actually washing it.

3) Wearing old br*s that are definitely the wrong size now, but you just can’t bear to part with them.

4) Putting a br* in the washing basket, and then taking it out again when you realize how uncomfortable all your other ones are.

5) Examining your tampon after it’s been ~in y*u~.

6) And realizing that “blo*d” is a pretty weak description of what a period actually is.

7) Wearing a security sanit*ry towel as well as a tamp*n.

8) Getting your pub*s trapped in a pad’s “w*ngs.”

9) Really enjoying digging out ingrown ha*rs.

10) Having whole sessions with the tweez*rs where you get every single one.

11) Making ha*r art on the shower walls from all the ha*r that falls off your head.

12) And finding it quite satisfying to pull out those stray ha*rs that get stuck in your bum cra*k.

13) Twiddling your pub*s in a totally non-se*y way.

14) Owning a pair of scissors that you exclusively use to trim your pub*s.

15) Or just trimming your pub*s with any old scissors and hoping no one notices.

16) Also giving them a haircut while sitting on the toilet and marveling at the amount you can tr*m off.

17) But also being terrified you’ll accidentally snip something very important.

18) Removing all your pub*s and then being freaked out by your nakey vagi*a.

19) Removing all your pub*s and swearing that they were hiding a whole extra tum*y roll.