The Habit Every Mom Starts When Nursing — But Wishes She Hadn’t

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My firstborn made me think things were so easy.

She was a fast nurser. I know this because I wrote down her exact feed times.

For one whole month. 

She would feed no more than 12 minutes then purse her lips together and refuse any more. At the hospital the midwives looked at each other and said, “Look at that, what a strong suck!”

I was so enamored with her, and she fed so fast, that feeding sessions were over before I’d barely settled in. I thought this is how babies fed. I assumed they were all efficient. Feed fast then move on with baby life.

4 kids later… I was wrong. I’ve had the barracuda feeders, the gourmet samplers, and one or two of the other fun terms they have these days. For babies who take a long time to feed.