Menstruation and Breastfeeding – What to Expect From Your Period

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Many new mothers have questions about menstruation and breastfeeding. What is “normal?” The answer: Just about anything.

Have you heard different experiences and stories when it comes to your friends’ periods? While some women never experience a period while breastfeeding and consider it their birth control for six months or longer, other women may experience irregular periods while still others resume regular periods while their babies are still feeding at least part-time.

Let’s start by saying that it is possible to have your period while you’re breastfeeding, and many women do have irregular or light periods throughout their breastfeeding months or years. It all comes down to a hormone known as prolactin. This is the hormone that regulates the production of milk while you’re breastfeeding, but it also naturally suppresses menstruation.

The more prolactin you have in your body, the less likely you are to have a period. Once your milk is in less demand and you start to produce less of this hormone, you’re likely to resume your menstrual cycle.