Does Jock Itch Smell? Everything You Need To Know

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Fungal infection is caused by the Fungi which is a microorganism and presents everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. In reality, there are above 50000 species of fungi present in the environment.

Some of the fungi present in the environment are of the capability that it can live on human skin for many years without causing any kind of problem.

However, there are some factors which can enable the fungi to overgrow or change its conditions which ultimately lead to fungal infections.

Fungal infections are generally categorized by the types of the fungi which cause the problem, severity of the infection and the affected body part.

Generally, these infections occur on the surface of the skin, any area of the skin or within the skin fold which is warm and humid and cause the intense itching.

Some of the common types of fungal infections are:

  • Jock itch and athlete’s foot
  • Ringworm: It can affect the scalp and the part of the skin
  • Onychomycosis: Affects the nail beds and the nails
  • Candidiasis: Affects the vagina, mouth and urinary tract.

The severity of the fungal infection may vary from person to person.

There are several factors which can be the causes of the fungal infection, some of those factors are:

  • Diabetes
  • Poor hygiene
  • A week immune system
  • Living in a warm environment
  • Poor blood circulation and
  • Skin injury and coming to the contact who is infected already.

Anybody can get any type of the fungal infection and in today’s active world it is fairly common. So to get rid of any type of fungal infection.

some of the simple home remedies are here which will help in destroying the fungi causing the infection as well as also helps in reducing the intensity of the symptoms of the fungal infection:

Apple cider vinegar:


Apple cider vinegar is the common and most useful treatment for any type of fungal infection. There is a presence of antimicrobial properties in the apple cider vinegar which helps in killing the fungus causing the infection.

Plus it also has acidic nature which helps in preventing the infection and stop spreading and also promotes a speedy recovery.

  • Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm milk and mix this well. Drink this two times a day.
  • An alternative option is to take water and dilute an equal amount of apple cider vinegar in it and then apply this externally on all the affected skin. Leave it there for 30 minutes. You can also try to soak the infected area in this solution for 30 minutes. When you are done with the therapy, pat dries the area with a clean towel or with the help of dryer.