Clear Watery Discharge | White Vaginal Discharge

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An Introduction to Clear Watery Discharge

Vaginal discharge, at times is a normal thing and a way for your vagina to keep itself clean and free from infection. It’s normal for it to begin six months to a year before getting your first period and continue on until menopause.

It’s not normal if it’s an unusual colour (not white, clear, or yellow), smells bad, is clumpy, or accompanied by pain, itching or burning. “Normal” discharge looks like egg whites, water or milk and has a mild odor to it.

The amount and type varies throughout your menstrual cycle with changing hormone levels.

What about clear, watery vaginal discharge? Keep on reading to find out the most common causes of clear discharge, as well as when to see a doctor or other health care provider and finally, advice for how to manage it well.