9 Symptoms Of Lung Cancer That Need To Be Known

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Lung cancer cannot be caught in the early stages since there are no clear symptoms of this disease. Many patients who suffer from lung cancer are usually diagnosed when the cancer is already developed. Often, the diagnosis comes when the cancer is at stage 3.

Therefore, it is extremely important to notice the signs that may indicate the presence of the disease before it progresses since the treatment is more effective in the earlier stages.

Early stage lung cancer cannot be diagnosed by a simple chest X-ray. Only computer tomography scans are effective. The computer tomography scan allows the number of lung cancer fatalities to be reduced.

Therefore, medical professionals advise people with high risk of developing cancer to check themselves with a CT scan. People at high risk of developing lung cancer are usually between the age of 55 and 79, smokers for 30 years or more or passionate smokers for 15 years.