8 Unexpected Stressors Making You Gain Weight

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You’re working out, you’re eating healthy, you’re doing everything you know how to do to live a healthy lifestyle but the pounds just won’t go away. Losing weight can seem complicated, true, so we’re here to give you a couple pointers to explain why you’re not shedding the pounds. One of the potential reasons? Stress!

Stress manifests itself in people differently, whether it’s over-eating, under-sleeping or staying too busy to find time for a meal. While these “harmless” activities don’t seem like they’d mess up your body, it turns out that they actually do.

1. You stay up too late.

Not getting enough sleep prompts your body to pump out cortisol, the primary stress hormone. By not getting enough sleep at night, your body doesn’t have the time to recover after a long workday or tough workout. You’ll be more exhausted the next day, which means your metabolism will be slower, which means you won’t be able to burn those calories as quickly!