7 Effective Ways to Treat Milk Blisters and Thrush Naturally

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Do you have a milk bleb that won’t go away?

If you are reading this post then you are in a desperate attempt to treat a painful milk blister on your nipple.

Oh…..the joys of motherhood, aren’t they grand?

You think you have this whole breastfeeding thing down and then boom….this milk blister appears!

Breastfeeding is wonderful but can cause some serious pain in the boob! I’ve had experience with clogged milk ducts, milk blisters, and thrush and I’m not sure which one is worse!

Milk blisters can be incredibly painful and if left untreated for too long can cause even more problems like mastitis!

Mastitis is no picnic, so you want to treat your nipple blister or bleb as soon as possible!

Keep reading to find out how you can make that milk blister burning pain go away, treat milk blebs and thrush at home naturally, and enjoy breastfeeding your baby again!