5 Daily Rituals That Are Harmful To Women In The Long Run

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Wearing The Same Menstrual Pad Through the Day

1. Wearing The Same Menstrual Pad Through the Day Save

Sometimes you’re hit with a heavy flow that demands you change pads every 2-3 hours and then there are times where there’s such light spotting you’re almost convinced your period’s bid you adieu.

According to experts, one must change their sanitary towels every 5 hours. This ensures the prevention of any potential infections or growth of microorganisms in the lush, warm environment of your used pad.

2. Washing The Vagina With Soap

Your private part needs cleansing too but it also has self cleansing mechanism inside. Just wash it off with war water and that is enough

Also perversely, by cleansing with soap you actually destroy the population of good bacteria residing in your vagina, thereby increasing your risk of contracting bacterial vaginosis