12 Things You Can Do While Breastfeeding To Prevent Breast Sagging

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DISCLOSURE: I feel that I have to write this. I understand that every woman’s body is unique and the tips I give below MIGHT NOT work for you. When it comes to the fallen breast (or breast ptosis), a lot depends on your genetics alone! Another huge factor is how your breast looked before pregnancy (maybe it wasn’t firm enough or you had light ptosis you knew nothing of).

This article is not based barely on my experience. The information is gathered from trusted resources + my experience. I don’t share things I have no trust in. I am a huge believer in preventative methods. You may try these tips and see if they make any difference to your breast form and shape. 

If you have more tips to prevent breast sagging, please share in a comment section. Moms crave for the feedback! I post all comments (positive and negative ones), providing that there’s no vulgar language.