10 Signs That Indicate Your Vagina Is Unhealthy And What Can You Do About It

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Women must take proper care of their vagina in order to prevent many health problems and infections. Healthy vagina is acid and it contains a lot of additional bacteria that help in fighting infections and keep the pH levels normal. You’ll know that your vagina is healthy if it discharges small amount of liquid which in fact keeps it clean, simillar to the spit in your mouth which helps it clean your mouth from bacteria. In order to know that you have some vaginal infections, we will present you some signs and symptoms which you need to know.

Warning signs and symptoms:

Abnormal bleeding
Great amounts of discharge
Red, inflamed, and painful mucous membrane
Burning sensation and itching in the vagina and the vulva
Dry vagina
Occurrence of lesions
Bleeding after sexual intercourse
In order to maintain your vagina healthy, just follow these directions:

1.Avoid fast food Fast food can influence the pH levels of the body.

Eliminate unhealthy food such as sugars, carbohydrates and Coca Cola since these ingredients can cause infections.