You Are Not FAT, Your Stomach Is Bloated. Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

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Our intestines are a complex and puzzled system and often not everything that we eat, comes out of the system. Many people think that bloating is the feeling of having built-up gas in your digestive system that makes your stomach coming out uncomfortably. But it’s not only gas. Sticky food items, hard to digest substances get stuck in out digestive track and clog the path. This results in fat deposition and makes us look fat. Here are some ways to clear it up.

  • Drink more water – If you drink coffee and alcohol, make sure you drink 6-8 glasses of water as well. You should also know that when you don’t drink enough water, your organism starts using the liquids it can find, which means that bloating can be caused due to fluid retention.
  • Eat slowly – if you don’t chew your food properly, the body will process it more slowly and bloating may appear. Also, it is very significant to eat in small bites.