What is Vaginismus and how it Affects Women

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Vaginismus is a sexual condition or dysfunction that makes penetration impossible since the vagina and all surrounding muscles contract involuntarily causing spasms. This problem may be the result of trauma that the woman has or sexual abuse she has suffered. It may even be because he feels pain.

How vaginismus affects women

Vaginismus can seriously affect a marriage given the impossibility of maintaining physical contact between them. Also, according to a woman who suffers from it on the BBC , he also “has taken over my ability to decide when to have a child.”

It should be noted that when the first intimate relationships are maintained, vaginismus can take place. This is due to the nervousness that the woman experiences. However, unfortunately, there are women who suffer from it for much longer and even for life.

Linda smith, another woman who also suffers from vaginismus has commented that “when I have sex, I feel like someone stabs me.” In your case, the education you received may play an important role in your sexual dysfunction. She studied in a religious school.