What Is Fertile Mucus? | Cervical Mucus and Pregnancy

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Fertile or cervical mucus is the gel or fluid-like substance or discharge from the cervix. Throughout the duration of a woman’s period, the amount and thickness of fertile mucus changes.

These changes are due to the fluctuating hormone levels throughout their menstrual cycle. The mucus is produced by the hormones which stimulate the cervix glands.

One of the ways to determine ovulation with cervical mucus, which can help you either achieve or prevent pregnancy. This method is known as cervical monitoring or fertility awareness. A lack of this substance can also be a cause of infertility. 

You can also opt for other birth control methods if you want to avoid pregnancy. For example, the pill, condoms or an IUD.

Let’s take a more elaborate look at cervical mucus and how it changes during the phase of your cycle.