Early Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Contrary to popular misconception, ovarian cancer is fully treatable provided it is diagnosed during early stages. But in most cases, women tend to overlook the early signs of ovarian cancer. This causes them to be completely unaware of the budding physical ailment until it gets too late for treatment.

Ovarian cancer can be seen plaguing 2.5% of women suffering from cancer. It is also infamous for being the fifth popular cause of cancer in women. No definitive way of preventing ovarian cancer has been found till date which makes it imperative to understand its early symptoms.

Factors Increasing Your Risk Of Falling Prey To Ovarian Cancer

    • One of the biggest factor is age as ovarian cancer is most rampant amongst ladies aged between 55 to 64.
    • Other health ailments like obesity, endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome can further accentuate chances of falling prey to ovarian cancer.
    • Taking oral contraceptives and having a history of infertility can make you vulnerable to ovarian cancer.