9 Things You Should Never Do During Your Period!

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During menstruation, all women (almost) have the edgy nerves and all men (almost) do not miss the opportunity to complain. When you have your period, you are often subject to many problems such as abdominal pain and hormonal disorders, to the point that leaving your bed can sometimes be a real struggle.

This period is often accompanied by annoying symptoms caused by bleeding and hormonal changes taking place inside your body. Headaches, mood swings, appetite change, fatigue, excessive sensitivity, irritability and even aggression may emerge during these few days and disappear soon after. To preserve your well-being and turn these days into a grueling impromptu vacation, here are 9 things not to do during your period:

1. Cooking

If you are in the kitchen preparing your meal while you have your period, you risk injury. How? The answer is simple: cook can not be done without using a knife! And if you have one of these anger flashes while you hold it in your hand, you easily could injure yourself or the person who has the misfortune to be there at the wrong time. That’s why the best thing to do is stay out of the kitchen!