8 Types of Abnormal Menstruation | Menstrual Disorders

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There are various types of menstrual disorders. This is only a very brief overview of the most common 8 types of abnormal menstruation.

#1: Heavy and/or Long Periods

First up on our list of the 8 types of abnormal menstruation is one of the most common ones: heavy bleeding.

Some people have a very heavy period where they bleed through a jumbo tampon or pad every 1-2 hours for multiple hours in a row. You may also have a period that lasts longer than 7 days. This is known an Menorrhagia. 

#2: Light and/or Short Periods

Some people have very light periods that seem more like spotting. There are numerous reasons for this, including dieting, heavy exercise, etc. It’s known as Hypomenorrhea.

If your period is suddenly shorter than normal (from 5 days to 2 days for example), be sure to check out: My Period is Shorter Than Normal this Month.

Different Types of Menstrual Disorders

#3: Bleeding Between Periods (Spotting)

Some people have spotting between periods, and you may also see it referred to as Break-Through Bleeding.