6 Warning Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

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Let’s face it, everybody has a sweet tooth. But, no matter how much we love its sweet taste, sugar can have an extremely negative impact on our health, especially when consumed in high amounts. So after reading this, although its taste will remain delicious as always, there is a good chance you won’t look at it the same way.

Here are 7 warning signs our body is giving us when we are eating too much sugar.

  1. Brain Fog (especially after a meal)

High sugar intake can lead to brain fog, a muggy feeling like your brain is operating in a puddle of mud and life is moving in slow motion. It occurs when the blood sugar levels swing too high or too low.

  1. Frequent Colds and Flu

Consuming large amounts of sugar over a long period of time can weaken your immune system and its ability to fight viruses, bacteria, flu, and even some chronical diseases. If you decide to decrease your sugar intake, your immune system will come back to normal.