6 Horrible Mistakes You Should Avoid While Washing Your Vagina

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1. Washing with scented soaps:

You would do yourself more good by keeping that scented body wash far away from your vagina. It’s fine to wash your vagina with soap but make sure it’s unscented. Scented soaps can mess up the normal, healthy balance of the vagina. Don’t try to change the smell as your vagina, It is advisable to just wash with your hand and water only.
2. Washing with sponge:

The skin down there is thin and sensitive, so washing with sponge could cause more harm. Just use your hands, be gentle and handle with care.

3. Using scented vaginal wipes and vaginal deodorants:

Sometimes, you might want to help your vagina smell nice by using deodorants but, you shouldn’t. Some baby wipes and feminine hygiene wipes could lead to irritation.