10 Facts You Might Not Know About The Vagina

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The hoo-ha. The cooter. The vajayjay. The cooch.

We refer to it by many names. The area that is more complicated than a Rubik’s cube and puts fear in the eyes of men. And why not? Vaginas are beautiful, diverse, life-giving parts of a woman’s body. We should feel powerful.

But how much do we know about these things that Georgia O’Keeffe thought so lovely to paint them as beautiful flowers? It’s time we get well acquainted with this important part of our body.

Vagina is Latin for “sheath” or “sword holder.” Just ruminate on that for a moment.

That is double the amount of nerve endings found in the penis. It is the most sensitive part of a woman’s erogenous zone, and sensations from this area can spread to affect 15,000 other nerve endings in the body. So much power from something so small. And while we are on the topic, it’s the only part of a woman’s body that’s sole function is pleasure.

When aroused, women secrete a natural lubricant containing an organic compound called squalene. This substance also exists in a shark’s liver. When squalene is harvested from a shark’s liver, it is often added to skin creams where it acts as an emollient. Women and sharks against the world!

Save money on an ovulation predictor kit and simply be more aware about what your body is telling you. Or, more accurately, what your mucus is telling you. When you are most fertile, your cervical mucus will be clear, stretchy and you will probably notice an increased amount of it!


When things heat up, the erectile tissue located in the labia minora gets slightly stiffer. Unaroused, the vagina is about three inches deep; aroused, the vagina can expand to twice its size. Just like your favorite pair of jeans!

It is impossible to lose anything in your vagina. Unless you are giving birth, the opening to the uterus is too small for anything to pass through, and the cervical wall will block anything of size from going elsewhere. But, something getting stuck up there is a whole other can of worms… If you think your tampon may have migrated north a bit, just reach in and hunt around. You’ll find it. And if you can’t find it, whatever “it” is, go to your gyno! It’s their job to help you out!