How to Relieve Eczema: 15 Best Products, Tips, and Clothing for Eczema

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If you’re looking for tips on how to relieve eczema, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve suffered from eczema on my hands, feet, arms, and legs for as long as I can remember, and while I’ve seen a drastic improvement in my skin as I’ve gotten older, I’m still prone to eczema flare-ups throughout the year, particularly during the dry winter months. I’ve tried heaps of tips and products to keep my eczema under control over the years, and today I’m teaming up with The Eczema Company to share 15 of my best skin care ideas, including clothing for eczema that will not only protect your sensitive skin, but also give you greater freedom and flexibility with your wardrobe this season!

These tips go beyond the obvious, like avoiding environmental allergens, harsh detergents, and cleaning products, eliminating gluten, dairy, and soy from your diet, and investing in a good probiotic. While I firmly believe all of these strategies are important and effective when it comes to eczema relief, they often aren’t enough, and I want to equip you with some other products and ideas you can keep at the ready to prevent and treat eczema flares.

The ideas and products included in this post are safe, effective, and suitable for kids and adults, providing relief for the entire family!

How to Relieve Eczema: 7 Tips [and 4 Skin Products] I Swear By

1. Prioritize your skincare routine. If you want to know how to relieve eczema – and how to prevent flare-ups from occurring in the first place – my number one tip is to put your skincare routine first. As a working mom to a feisty 7-year-old, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find time for self-care, but if you suffer from dry and cracked (or weeping and red) eczema on your hands, feet, arms, and/or legs, it’s time to stop making excuses. Eczema can be extremely painful, making basic tasks like cooking dinner, bathing our children, washing the dishes, and writing with a pencil uncomfortable. And whether we like to admit it or not, we often take those feelings out on the ones we love the most.

Skin care for eczema doesn’t need to be complicated, nor does it require a huge time commitment. An extra 5 minutes in your morning and evening routine coupled with regular application of the right moisturizer can make a HUGE difference.

Of course, knowing which products to invest in can be challenging, and if you’re anything like me, you probably want to avoid medicated products and stick with natural eczema remedies wherever possible. I’ve tested tons of different eczema products in my lifetime with varying levels of success, and it wasn’t until I stumbled upon The Eczema Company and their line of natural eczema relief that I started to see noticeable results. Here are 4 natural eczema products for kids and adults I swear by:

  • Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream to reduce inflammation. The combination of organize manuka honey and organic tree nut-free oils and beeswax make this a gentle, nourishing formula that soothes and calms irritated skin and reduces inflammation without causing a stinging sensation. Top with a pair of Remedywear Gloves for Hand Eczema at night for added protection and to prevent nighttime itching. Learn more about Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream HERE, Remedywear Gloves for kids HERE, and Remedywear Gloves for adults HERE.
  • Emily Skin Soothers for Itchy Eczema to reduce redness. Suitable for babies, kids, and adults, this soothing cream is a dream come true for those who suffer from angry, itchy skin. Made from all-natural ingredients – olive oil, beeswax, and 3 Chinese herbs – you will be amazed at how quickly this product soothes skin and removes redness. Learn more about Emily Skin Soothers for Eczema HERE.
  • Emily Skin Soothers for Red Eczema Rashes to relieve inflamed and oozing skin. If you or your little one are plagued by red, oozing, inflamed, and angry-looking eczema, this product is a must-try. It heals weeping dermatitis and can also relieve irritation in skin folds such as armpits, elbows, and behind the knees. Learn more about Emily Skin Soothers for Red Eczema Rashes HERE.
  • EczeHerbal #2 Itchy Skin Rash Treatment to relieve dryness and itching. If your eczema causes dryness, flaking, and itching, this is another of my favorite eczema remedies. It uses different herbs, which isn’t for everyone, but having grown up in South East Asia, I’m a big believer in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Learn more about EczeHerbal #2 Itchy Skin Rash Treatment HERE.

2. Avoid hot water and artificial heat. If you enjoy unwinding with a hot bath or shower at the end of the day and/or like to blast the heat during the winter, you probably won’t like this tip for preventing and relieving eczema, but it’s an important one as heat can be very drying on the skin. Use lukewarm water whenever possible when bathing, be careful not to scrub your skin, pat yourself dry with a towel, apply a thick moisturizer, and turn the heating down in your home. Your skin will thank you! Oh! And if you’re one of those people who feels cold all the time, and the idea of turning down the heat gives you goosebumps, you can now buy protective clothing for eczema that soothes skin while also providing a buffer against fabrics that cause irritation. We’re share 4 of our favorite items below!