Every single way to use coconut oil to reverse yeast infection

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The coconut oil became very popular among many people, and as its popularity grows it also appears to grow on its abilities. In itself it has a great number of different uses from cooking to skincare to health. It is unknown among many people but this oil is also an excellent fighter against yeast infection, as for example irritation, itchiness and some unusual discharge which is caused by a fungus that grows when there is some imbalance in your hormones as well as the immune system.

This is an oil that contains lauri acid and caprylic acid which are ingreadients that are well known for their strength in fighting the yeast infections and these also have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties which work against the fungus that is actually responsible for the yeast infections. Taking only three and a half tablespoons of high quality organic extra virgin coconut oil every day is known to better your overall health and show some positive results when relieving yeast infections. For what is more, in some cases the infection an be cured in only a few hours which is also dependent on the severity of the infection.