4 Causes of Lumps Appear in Your Vaginal Hole

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In addition to causing pain and discomfort, a lump in the vagina can reduce pleasure during intercourse. Usually this lump in the vaginal opening has its own risks, and it will be a serious problem if you ignore it.

Causes of vaginal lumps
Lumps in the vagina can be caused by an infection. Infection in the genital area is usually a sign of a serious problem, especially if kept quiet without taking medical treatment. Here are some possibilities that can happen:

1. Genital warts
In some cases, sometimes the warts also settle in your genital area. The appearance of these warts is usually in the form of small lumps, and the color resembles the color of the skin. Genital warts can basically disappear by themselves, but not infrequently will also alighted in a long time and cause infection.