This way you will prevent vaginal fungal infections / try this

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Fungal infections cause frustrations and discomfort, because they are usually manifested as itching in the area of the sex organs, thick white vaginal discharge, and even pain while having sex.

They are usually easy to treat but a more effective way is prevention with these tips:
  1. Be careful of the kind of clothes you are wearing – Clothes have a big role in preventing fungal infections. Here are some tips concerning clothes:

– Wear only cotton underwear – Cotton underwear absorbs the moisture of the skin while the synthetic one traps the moisture, and is a perfect area for developing a fungal infection.

– Don’t wear tight clothes – Tight underwear and pants increase moisture in the vaginal area especially during summer months.

– After showering completely dry the area around the vagina before putting your clothes on. To decrease the moisture, you can use a hair dryer on a low setting.