Five Signs Of First Week Pregnancy Every Couple Must Know

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Pregnancy is considered to be one of the best blessings in a married life. Women suffer a lot of pain when they are carrying their baby during the nine months. Hence they are advised to lead a healthy life during this time.

If this is your first time, and you are not sure if you are actually pregnant or not, just take a look at these five signs which indicate whether you are pregnant during the 1 or 2 weeks.

1 Are you missing periods?

one of the most vital signs of pregnancy in the initial stage. However, just because you have missed your periods doesn’t guarantee that you are pregnant.

2 Immediate bleeding after conceiving

In the majority of the cases, light bleeding usually occurs after a couple of weeks of conceiving. The reason is that the unfertilized egg escapes through the uterine lining, resulting in bleeding.