When Doctor’s Don’t Listen, Women Treat Their Own Sexual Pain — Here’s How

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At first, it only hurt during penetration. Certain positions would cause a jagged, stabbing sensation in Kim’s vagina that would force her to stop having sex. Then, the sensation spread. It started hurting all the time — when she ran, when she stretched, whenever her boyfriend touched her vulva, even if it was barely a graze.

“It felt like I was being stabbed,” the 31-year-old digital marketing manager says.

Her boyfriend was sweet and understanding, but she stayed quiet about just how badly it hurt. She didn’t want the pain — whatever it was — to drive them apart. Plus, she thought, didn’t all women experience painful sex from time to time?

Three months after her pain started, it got so bad that she had to go to the emergency room late one night. She was in agony after having sex, but the doctor told her it was just gas. She went home confused and ashamed.