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The 4-6 days when women are on their period are their worst in a month. This is a depressing and painful time for any woman, so it’s important to know how to stay healthy during the period. Besides keeping your hygiene in check, these are the 9 habits you should avoid during your menstrual cycle:

  1. Change your pads more often – wearing the same one for the whole day may cause infections. We recommend changing them every 3-5 hours.
  2. If you’re feeling a lot of pain, make sure to cancel your appointment for root canal or waxing at that time. Avoid any painful activities during your period.
  3. Having sex while on your period increases the risk of infections, so it’s better to wait until it passes.
  4. Doing strenuous workouts during your period can take a toll on your health.
  5. Don’t skip meals when on your period – this will make you lose energy and blood. You should eat 3 proper meals and snack on something in between for best results.
  6. Avoid eating in the middle of the night as your body won’t be able to digest fat properly while you sleep, which will result in weight gain.
  7. Menstrual cramps can be painful, but properly resting overnight and relaxing yourself will surely help.
  8. Avoid consuming dairy products as they can worsen the cramps due to the presence of arachidonic acid.
  9. Don’t watch depressing movies or listen to depressing music while on your period.

source : http://healthyandbeauty.online/9-bad-habits-that-you-must-break-during-periods/