Who Are Women Who Are at Risk for Cervical Cancer?

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Based on research in the UK in 2010, 100% of new cervical cases in the UK are related to lifestyle and other risk factors. The following are the main rissiko factors for cervical cancer.

Risk factors for cervical cancer from lifestyle

    • Sexual history: Many types of sexual activities related to cervical cancer and HPV infection. Examples: sex before age 18, multiple sex partners, and sex with someone who has had multiple partners.
    • Smoking: When someone smokes, he and the people around him are exposed to many cancer-causing chemicals that test organs other than the lungs. This dangerous molecule is absorbed through the lungs and carried in blood vessels throughout the body. Women who smoke are twice as likely to develop cervical cancer as nonsmokers. Scientists believe that these substances can damage the DNA of cervical cells and contribute to the growth of cervical cancer.