How do I Know if I Have a Bladder Infection: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

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In this post: Bladder Infections can be very irritating. This post will answer the question “How do I know if I have a bladder infection” as well as share the reasons why you might get one as well as the treatment.

There are special kinds of pain that make you want to crawl out of your body and find a new place to live.  A raging bladder infection or UTI is one of those.  It is just such an uncomfortable spot and nothing makes it better.  Let’s talk UTI’s today.

UTI stands for Urinary Tract Infection — usually a bladder infection, but can also be a kidney infection (or both).

First off, let me introduce myself.  I’m Hilary and I’ve been a nurse since 1997.  I’ve worked for a pediatrician (where we saw a lot of little girls with UTI’s), nursing home, hospice and now labor and delivery.  All of these spots see a lot of UTI’s — so it’s a specialty of mine.  That’s why you know this is info you can trust.  You can see all my family health posts here.