8 Signs That You May Have Deficiency In Vitamin D And How To Get More

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Vitamin D is very important nutrient that takes part in several processes in the body. This nutrient has a role in the muscle, nervous and the immune systems, also helps the process of absorbing calcium which is essential for bone strength. The bad news is that about 1 billion people in the world have deficiency in this vitamin. This is because there are very few foods that contain this vitamin naturally and although the body can produce this vitamin itself when exposed to sunlight, that’s still not enough. There are few factors that can put you at risk for vitamin D deficiency such as overweight, having dark skin, not eating enough fish and milk, being elderly and of course if you’re not exposed to sunlight enough. The lack of this vitamin can have a lot of negative effects on the quality of life. Here are the signs that you may have low levels of vitamin D, if you have noticed any of these signs you should ask for a professional advice.